Real Estate Head Shot [Las Vegas]

las-vegas-real-estate-head-shotLynda is a young professional in the real estate industry in Las Vegas, NV. She wanted a real estate head shot that was just a bit less static than her previous head shot. She already had a concept in mind so it took very little time to create exactly what she wanted.

If you’ll notice, Lynda is facing toward camera left. This is because her photo will be used on the right side of her advertisement and business card. Remember, it is important to always have yourself facing into your ad, article, or page when placing your business portrait.

by Dave Scott

Entrepreneur Head Shots [Las Vegas, NV]

Copyright David Scott

We’ve helped an amazing number of budding entrepreneurs throughout the years. Contrary to what you will read and see online by the so-called gurus of marketing (BTW, the only experience they have in marketing is their own online product(s)) a professional business, corporate, or executive portrait will be beneficial to  your marketing efforts.

Studies have shown, over and over, that businesspeople who represent themselves with a professional business portrait, corporate portrait, or executive portrait achieve considerably better results in their marketing and advertising than those who use a smartphone “selfie”, amateur friend, or hire a photographer that is not truly experienced in creating images for business.

We have over two decades of experience in creating head shots for businessmen and women around the United States. Our head shots have been used in magazines, annual reports, advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as on small company websites. You can trust our experience to help you look your best in your business portraits.

by Dave Scott

Business portraits, Corporate portraits, and Executive portraits in Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV.