Graphic Designer Business Portrait [Las Vegas]

graphic-designer-business-portrait-Las-vegasJoanne is a local corporate and freelance Graphic Designer who I’ve known for quite some time. We’ve worked on several projects together. Joanne uses this business portrait in all of her marketing material both printed and digital.

The background, used in many of these business portraits, is a classic grey mottled backdrop. It has stood the test of time for corporate, executive, and business portraiture for a reason. It get’s results.

Joanne is a very busy woman, as are most successful businesspeople so we came to her location, took 20 minutes to set up, spent 5 minutes shooting, and we were on our way 15 minutes after that. We provide professional, top quality head shots, business portraits, corporate portraits, and business portraits in Las Vegas and Henderson NV without wasting your time.

by Dave Scott